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Car Finance

Why Hire Purchase?
Hire Purchase typically consists of putting down a deposit on the vehicle and then paying off the rest of the value of the vehicle over a fixed term via monthly instalments. You only own the vehicle after the last payment has been made. Pros of Hire Purchase
You own the vehicle after the last payment is made
Low desposit required
Flexible repayment terms are available
Interest rates are typically fixed
Why Personal Contract Purchase?
Personal Contract Purchase is similar to Hire Purchase, you are loaning the vehicle from your finance company however you have three options at the end of the term. These three options are you can return the vehicle, you can pay off the resale value of the vehicle to keep the vehicle or you can put the resale value towards a new vehicle all together. Pros of Personal Contract Purchase
Monthly payments are typically lower than HP
Ability to purchase a higher spec vehicle
Trade in the vehicle for a new vehicle at the end of the term
You still have the ability to keep the vehicle too
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